25th February 2012 - Risha Link


As the orignal link was deleted because of the Megaupload shutdown, Risha's link has now been fixed.



31st January 2012 - Three Years On


Well, here's to us again, Three years on since we first steamed onto the web, accepted by the Thomas community, thanks for all your support during the last Three Years :)


The SI3D Team

17th January 2012 - Fixed Error

I have fixed an error with Oliver, he should now show no errors in CMP



15th Febuary 2011 -

Thomas the Tank Engine's Trainz History Page 


With Thomas's 65th Anniversary now passed, i've revamped the new History page with some new/altered images from Richard, Sean and Others previous models, and i am in the progress of making some new 16:9 Wallpapers, and with any luck a screensaver, so watch this space!



31st January 2011 - Happy Second Anniversary!


Heres to another year of true Trainz Thomas Content, thanks to all who have supported us for the last two years :)


The SI3D Team

10th January 2011 - New Look and Download Links


First of all, we have not forgotten our old 06 page, despite we've moved on we've given it a new look for 2011.


Also some of our Download links have been removed for repair and will be back online soon, sorry for any inconvenience caused.



12th July - The Skarloey Railway - Television Series


Here i present to from Train4755 and from the Si3D team our final route release for Trainz 2006, The TV Series Skarloey Railway.


We would like to thank Lewis for sharing this route with us and for allowing us to improve its detail, we do hope you enjoy it.


The SI3D Team

4th July - The Little Western


Well, its taken a while to get online but its finally here, I'm pleased to announce that The Little Western is available to download now!


Thanks go to SixBlueWheels and Train4755 for custom models, and to Callum for help with finishing off the route.



30th May - Trevor!


Here we go with a belated but exciting release, please welcome Trevor to our collection, made from one of Scott's meshes.


We both hope you will enjoy it!


28th May - Harold the Helicopter by JH55000

and Kevin the Crane by RaytheTrainEngine


Here is a kind contrbutuion to Si3D, Harold the Helicopter by JH55000

Includes a "In Flight" Model, and a version with a pantograph action that can be used to raise him in the air, and to drop him down again


We are planning an update to this model thats now beeing delt with, if you still have it you will need MSTNOODLE'S Harold in order for this model to work, as we had to use Mstnoodles config in order to get Harolds Sounds working


If you don't have Mstnoodles model, ask someone who does, but please not us, or you can wait for the next update.


Also courtasy of RaytheTrainEngine is an updated Verison of Kevin the Crane who is now driveable, loadable and static with new Textures!


14th May - New Brake Vans and Series 2 Coaches


Has it been another week already? Haha, it seems so!


Released this time around are new versions of the brake vans including a faceless version and a "spiteful" version. You may need to delete the other vans before you install these to make sure they work. The Series 2 coachs have also been released with chameleon scripting for the green/red side textures.


Viel Spaß!


8th May - Bertie, Culdee, and Lord Harry


Bertie has been released on the "More Characters" page. He doesn't have face mappings sadly. It was either that or passenger scripting and I opted for the passengers. (Can't have a bus without passengers!) Culdee and Lord Harry, two older RWS models I have made, are also released in their section. They do have face scripting among other things.


Bon appetite!



30th April - George and the Scottish Twins


Hello all. George has been released on the "More Characters" page. He has changeable faces and (hopefully) authentic sounds. I' mquite proud of this model, so love him the best you can! Also released are new versions of Donald and Douglas. They're don't use the newer mesh I was working on due to the fact that it's far from finished. However, these versions are the MK2 versions with and without nameplates.





24th April - Henry the Big Green Engine

With credit going of course to Richard Here is another updated

model of his, Henry now includes his Dirty Textures,

a New Golden Whistle and an extra face!




23rd April - A New James and...

The new James has been released on the Locos page. This version has numerous improvements, the most notable being the fix to the config/smoke problem that plagued many people in the past.

Also somewhere on the site is our mystery engine. Check every page, I'm sure you'll be surprised!


21st April - Gordon the Big Engine (Updated)

Fastest and Best, Thats Gordon! and now you can download him in this updated pack, witch includes a new look tender, his extra face packs released a while back, and as well as throwing in his tow rope we have added in to make it a little bit newer an Extra bit of Tow Rope you can attach to make your rope longer!

With Credit going to Skarloey123 and Sean


17th April - Cattle Trucks

Here are Scott's wonderful Cattle Trucks and they are a great addition to our Rolling Stock Page!



17th April - Vicarstown Sheds

Here is route started by Richard and finished by Me!

Vicarstown includes the actual sheds, as well as its own Station and the Cows Pasture!



16th April - Updated Thomas and Percy

We know you have been waiting for them, and finally you will now have them! The New Updated Thomas and Percy by Skarloey123

Each with Changable faces and their own cabs!

Please Enjoy Them!


1st April - It's HERE

Its, here! Finally after so much work and years of development, the SI3D team brings you the much anticipated Knapford Station route! We hope you enjoy using it as much as we worked hard on it!


The SI3D Team

28th March - Daisy

Here, Started by Richard and finished by Sean is Daisy the Diesel Railcar!

We hope you enjoy her showing her off to passengers in the countryside!



22nd March - The Sodor Flat Wagon

Here is my final personal release for trainz 2006. Its the season 2 flat wagon loadable with all the things you could load onto the crocodile wagon, hope you enjoy it



20th March - Duck's Face Expansion Pack

I am on a roll this week - and here is another release from me

A set of Old but now new faces for Duck!



19th March - The Breakdown Train

With more thanks going to Richard another suprise release is his first version of the long awaitd Breakdown Train - His second version may be released either for 2006 or possibly be upgraded for 2009




17th March - Small China Clay Truck

Thanks to Richard the cameo superstar of Percys Predicament can be now yours to add to your wagon collection!




11th March - Tidmouth and Mainline

Our final version of the Tidmouth Mainline with Edwards Branch is now yours to download! The new update includes new look scenery as well as scenes of life going ons, Signals as well as new details and lots more, I would like to thanks all who helped me with this and hope you will all enjoy this final version of the S2 Set!




February 23rd - New DANGER KEEP AWAY Sign

With Sean's Permission for a reskin, a new Danger Keep Away sign is now online! However Gwion's is still online for now




February 19th - New BIGGER Gallery Page

Today with thanks to Sean, Tom and Rich i was allowed to use some of their pics for the gallery page and watermarked them with our logo, also i set up a new RWS Page too!  Exepct loads more pics soon!



February 12th - RWS Henry!

Long awaited, and long requested here I finally bring Henry to my RWS Collection, enjoy y'all!



February 5th - Henry's Face Expansion pack

With edited Scripting and improved faces you can now download the new Face Expansion pack for Henry! Also the locos Old/New Shape are included to overwright the orginal scripting, Thomas and Gordon will have an update like this soon, its still best however to remove the old pack first, then install the new pack



January 31st - Rishra, a Commemorative Model

I've released a small model on the "More Characters" page. She's not Thomas related, but this model is composed of all the elements that made Sodor Island 3D great, and therefore is a suitable model for the day. Please enjoy and appreciate the hard work that went in to creating her!


January 31st - Gordon's Face Expansion Pack

As its a special day today i have a little treat for you all
Gordons Face Expansion Pack is now online!

Please Delete the old Pack in CMP before installing this new one.



January 31st - Sodor Island 3D's 1st Anniversary

Since Jan 28th 2009 many where upset about UKBL's models shutting down, until Scott and Rich made a new site that is still here today, the first model was James and followed many more, I then joined up to the team, followed by Sean, Matt and Tom. The site orginally first started on Zoomshare, but then later moved to Jimdo thanks to Sean, Our videos have been popular too, from my Trainz Thomas Series to Richards Dark Times Series, and Famous Locos releasing from the Hero of the Rails Pack, to Alfred the B12, And Routes like Great Waterton, Thomas's Branch and many more.

We would like to say thanks to the millions of you who have been downloading, and have said so many nice things about what we do :)

Heres to another year of True Trainz Thomas Content and to all staff, but most of all to the Controller behind it all!


Hello all,

There is an update for the Series 1 Coaches. This fix rectifies the coal error among other things. Previous versions will not be supported - only the updated versions.



January 22nd - Season 1 Coaches

The Series One Coaches by Sk123 have now been fixed, the Texture error is not there, and also an Extra Window on the Brake Coach has been added by Sean, please delete the old ones and then re-install these


Note: The Coal Scripting Error is still there, we will repair that soon

January 14th - GREAT WATERTON Released!

This is one of the longest routes i have worked on, with help from Magandy from UKBL in 2008, and with a little Extra from RaytheTrainEngine, we have finally for Thomas's 65th Anniversary Finished and released Great Waterton, Introduced in 2008 from the Thomas Movie "The Great Discovery", and also featured in Series 12, The Route also includes a ranging river and mine! The most complicated bit we have worked on! Plus the Narrow Guage Transfer Yards, Rolling River Bridge and so much more

We have taken alot of time to finish it, not to mention all the detail put into it! We hope you all enjoy it as well as we did making it!



January 7th Redone Scrapyards

I've have updated the Scrapyards route with new NG Track, also i have added other track to the pack, hope it will work fine now


31st December - Thomas Face Expansion Pack

First, a Happy new year to all! Second the new Thomas Face expansion pack is now online, this will overwrite the orginal and can be found in the locos page

28th December -Thomas The Tank Engine Mk1

Courtasy of Sean, Here is his new Mk1 Thomas before he crashed into the Station Masters House in the RWS



24th December - Skarloey Railway Mega-Pack!

The long awaited Skarloey project has come to an end this evening. You now have the chance to download it; it is my Christmas gift to my fans and the general community. You've all made it a brilliant year and I am ever thankful that Scott came to me with the offer of starting a team. Please, have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Also make sure you download the Skarloey Railway Documentation here BEFORE you download the packs: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmz4iumjoxm


23rd December - Derek The Diesel "Paxman"

Here is today's last update from me, With Thanks to Chris Burgess from UKBL, Here is Derek the Diesel!



Note: Not all Textures could be locked on him, so we've only locked the face, we have also changed the Cab roof to Black as it was in "Double Teething Troubles"

23rd December - Old Slow Coach V1

Here Courtasy of Chris Burgess from UKBL and with new Textures from StanierJack is Old Slow Coach!

This is a Tempoary version as Jack is making a new version soon



23rd December - Lady

Here's Skarloey123's Lady! With thanks to Richard for allowing release, Textures are locked and includes authentic Whistle!



23rd December - Hero of the Rails Pack!

If you enjoyed the new movie "Hero of the Rails" now's your chance to add the characters seen in the film, Hiro, The Master of the Railway, Restored and Patchwork (With wobble animation), Victor the Steamworks Engine and Kevin the Clumsy Crane!

These have been kindly given to us by JH5000 and Nin448 (With the help of TrainzEngineRay) also these have pretected locked texture's to avoid anyone re-skining them, but we hope you enjoy them as much as we have waited for them!

Also look out hopefully for the Sodor Steamworks Building coming possibly 2010!



22nd December - Thomas's Missing Christmas Tree

Since its nearly Christmas we have tons of updates for this December

Starting first with Seans Christmas Tree Wagon, Now your engine can deliver it to any station for the winter holidays!



28th November - Christmas Decortations


We are getting into Christmas a bit early with Scotts new Xmas Decorations, now you can decorate your stations for the festive season!



20th November - Mr Jolly's Chocolate Factory Wagons

Here's a special release on the night of BBC Children in Need, with thanks to Skarloey123 and RaythetrainEngine, (for allowing me for release and for getting the wagons together)

Hope ya enjoy them!



17th November - Mail Vans


Here is my latest release, I know you've been waiting for them, the Sodor Mail Vans!



11th November - Old Coaches


Here courtasy of Scott are the Old Mainline Coaches, He's asked me to release them after he felt pains in his toe, Richard finished them off for him too, They are not yet Passenger able but we have plans to make them carry passengers soon, we hope you enjoy them, and get well soon Scott! :)



11th November  - RWS Toby!

Here is my next release, RWS Toby! I hope you will enjoy him.



26th October - Road Vehicles and Truck Error fixed

Thanks to Gwion and Stephen Brook we have released our first set of Road Vehicles - Butch, Chocolate Van and Tom Tippers van!

Also the China Clay Wagon error has now been fixed



25th October  - RWS James!

Here is my surprise release, RWS James! I hope you will enjoy him and marvel at his splendid-ness!



16th October - RWS Thomas Fixed

Thomas v3 is now online, please redownload and install, this should fix any errors some of you are having as well as some significant imporvements to the overall mesh.



13th October  - RWS Thomas updated

Here is an updated RWS Thomas.  He has a tweaked mesh, some updated textures, and headcode scripting to bring it up to scratch with some of the more recent releases. Please install  this over the old one.


11th October  - RWS Gordon

Latest from me is another addition to the RWS Collection, NWR #4 Gordon! Thanks go to Bob from SodorWorkshops for some essential resources he took the time to source and provide for me to make this, one of my most complicated models to date, We hope you like him.


10th October  - Updated Edward

Here's the updated Edward I've been working on for a couple weeks. He is scaled and detailed correctly (with a few improvisations here and there.)

Hope you like him.


10th October - Large Alfred Update

Last night, some major issues were addressed to me and I have rectified them. His config has been updated among other things.

Please download him again; the older version is now obsolete and outdated.

8th October - Alfred!

It was an inevitable release. Here is your chance to download Alfred, the adversary from my Dark Times series - he's acheived quite a fanbase, much to my surprise! Anyhow, he comes with four custom faces and his theme.

Enjoy, as I'm sure you will. Feel free to drop him off of a cliff where necessary.


1st October - Oliver

My studies have lessened in severity as of late and I have been able to work on things. I promised Oliver would be released, and here he is. He has four faces, in no order: Happy, Cross, Sad, and Surprised. Enjoy him!




26th September - RWS Coaches!

Well since I am now expecting an influx of work to finish off from Richard I thought I better tie off some loose ends which includes releasing my pack of RWS coaches from the Clive Spong era.  Inlcuded is a Composite, Brake and Parcels coach, Enjoy!


17th September - RWS Edward!

My latest personal release is a surpise to you all, RWS Edward! Get your copy now!


16th September - SI3D Annie & Clarabel!

Hot on the heels of the Tan Coaches SI3D brings you it's own rendition of Annie & Clarabel. The very nice UKBL versions still have their links on our rolling stock page for those who wish to use them.

Again these were a joint effort between Myself, Richard and Scott. enjoy!


16th September - Tan Branchline Coaches!

I release the Tan Branchline Coaches on Scott's behalf. These are a combined effort from Me, Richard and Scott so we hope you enjoy them!


13th September - Sodor Countryside and Valley!



The route better known as Countryside/Lower Suddery/Henrys Forest has finally been finished. Thats right folks, as of now you can finally download it! Thanks go to Scott for the use of his Henry's Forest in this route.


Enjoy the route!





7th September - Other Railway Scrapyards!


Thanks to Rich, Sean and Matt i have released another of Richards long lost routes from the early UKBL Years, The S4 Scrapyards! or well known as the scrap yards on the OTHER Railway....


6th September - RWS Thomas Update

After being informed of some Dependancy issues, I have updated the Link to RWS Thomas. A further update of the actual model is forthcoming, watch this space!


5th September - RWS Percy!

Our second RWS loco makes it's appearance this time it is none other than NWR #6 - Percy! I dedicate this to Scott through the dificult times he is experiencing. Our thoughts go out to him.


18 August - Jock

Jock is released. In spite of the unfortunate disappearence of my crucial GMax files, I wanted to go ahead and release him, which means no face scripting or art or anything like that. Also included is my 15 inch track.

Enjoy all the same.



12th August - Brakevan Pack!

Thanks to Rich we are bringing you for the first time the Spiteful Brakevan! A tail lamp van is included too!



9th August - A RWS THOMAS!

New to the site is a first in many ways. It's my first loco, it's our first RWS loco, and it is first numerically. Ladies and Gents I give you NWR#1 Thomas!


2nd August - Salt Wagons!

Straight from the workshops of yours truly come the Sodor Salt wagons seen in many season 2 episodes.



2nd August - Fat Controller and Porter Pack


Courtasy of JH55000 From Youtube he has kindly donated his Fat Controller and Porter models to us

We are currently updating these with locked textures

For JH55000 we would strictly like to ask for NO reskinning of these models or they will be removed, we promised him these would be in safe hands


28th July - Series 2 China Clay Pack


The Series 2 pack is now released. I hope you guys enjoy it, as much as I worked on it!



24th July - Replacement Link for Wellsworth/Gordons Hill

A few ajustments have been made to that route, please re-download



22nd July - Ffarquhar Branch V2

We are pleased as pie to tell you that Ffarquhar V2 (Thomas's Branch) is released, Full of new detailed buildings, textures and more!

All stations are now passenger active, improved with their own buildings by Sean

Thanks to all who helped to make this, Enjoy!



15th July - Sodor Tank Wagons!

New for release is my Sodor Tank wagons. The pack includes the 6 you see in the picture. Troublesome Tankers with faces coming soon!



15th July - Danger Keep Away Sign (Updated)


Gwions danger sign has now been updated to its true TV Series Texture

Thanks go to him



12th July - Red Branchline Coaches


Here are the Red Branchline Coaces you see throughout the series. I've been working on these for awhile now, and I got around to finishing and finalizing them earlier this week.

Hope you like them.



8th July - More Coaches


Take Annie and Clarabel for a ride on Thomas' Branchline. Pick up passengers and drop them off to their stations. These coaches are passenger active which means you can pick up passengers. Thanks goes to Andy (Magandy) for leting us release them. We are glad to hear from him again.

Victoria is a coach from the RWS Series. This Coach was made by Callum in the begining but was redone by Andy (Magandy). She likes being takin out and used for passenger runs! Thanks go to Andy (Magandy) for letting use release lease her on the SI3D Site.



6th July - Troublesome Pack 1


Enjoy this pack! Now you can cause as much problems as you want! Thanks goes to Rich and Callum for helping! Thanks also goes out to Andy (Magandy) and Joseph (sodormastercreater) for the GREAT faces!



5th July - Diesel

Diesel was started only two days ago, and now is ready for download, marking the fastest creation to release time yet! Enjoy!



5th July - Arlesdale End (Tobys Tramline)

With Credit and helpfulness going to Skarloey123 me and Steamer have finished Arlesdale End for him, This is V1, V2 Will include new buildings from Sean very soon.

Toby will now have his own line to run on, plus Seans new windmill has been added to this pack aswell!

We hope you enjoy it and Richard likes it too! We did give him a helping hand afterall!


4th July - Tidmouth Station and Mainline with Edwards Branch

We are please to tell you that the new improved Tidmouth Station and Mainline with Edwards Branch Route is now online! We are planning one final update with passenger active stations but that won't be for a long while, In this route you can travel down the line with Gordons Express to stations and sights seen in the 1st and 2nd TV Series



4th July - Troublesome Trucks

Credit is going to Richard again for allowing me for the first time to bring you the TV Series Troublesome Trucks!




Coming soon: A Troublesome Truck thats Drivable, so you can push your trains off the rails and snap the couplings on Gordons Hill :D


4th July - Season one Trucks

With Richards permission i have been allowed to release the season one truck for him!


29th June - Billboard

The new Sodor Billboard has now been released!

Thanks to Youtuber ONU for the image and to austin316hockey for the image reskin, It even lights up at night time!


27th June - Toby

Toby has been released. This is an edited version of the UKBL Version.








27th June - Snowploughs!

New from me is a set of snowploughs for all locos on sodor (except Thomas that is in the works). This replaces the Donald and Douglas Set. Enjoy!



24th June

For the Forthcoming Skarloey Collection

Here is a grey suited Driver/Porter Et

Plus a replacement link is on the Sodor Pack of Porters


19th June - Station Staff

Decorate your stations with this new pack of porters in sodor uniforms. Thanks go to bobsanders!


17th June - Scottish Snowploughs!


The latest release is my snowploughs for Donald & Douglas! They act like wagons and can be coupled/uncoupled at will! Enjoy!


14th June - Nameboards!


The latest release is my set of locomotive nameboards, now show off your locos in true TV Series Style!



14th June - Wellsworth Extended1


Our Wellsworth Route has now been extended to incorporate Gordon's hill and Maron Station! Thanks go to Richard for use of his route.



9th June - Something from Seanoc17


Newly Released is the Christmas Hat from Seanoc17. This acts like a static object, but from what Sean Tells me he is looking to update it to attach to engines soon.



8th June - UPDATE!


Finally the first part of the Mass Update is online! Henry and Gordon have been updated with chameleon script.I have been told that there is an issue with some of the faces. I am working on that.



8th June - New Website!


Sodor Island 3D Has now moved to it's new website, this one should not have any traffic limits, so no downtime!



1st June - Series 1 Express Coaches


Series 1 Express Coaches now released! See the Rolling Stock page.