Missing KUIDs




Includes NEW set of Porters and items

A Detailed station building, and more!

Knapford Station Route By:
Skarloey123, Seanoc17, Steamer and TEngine


Includes passenger active stations,

Roller Coaster Mine, And So much more!

Great Waterton Route By:
TEngine, RaytheTrainEngine and early help from UKBL

Missing Route Link - http://www.sendspace.com/file/tdj24s

Includes passenger active stations, detailed buildings and more!

Thomas's Branch Line Route By:
TEngine, Skarloey123, Steamer, RaytheTrainEngine
Scott (Amtraky) and early help from UKBL


Includes S2 Style Tidmouth Sheds, Tidmouth Station with yard, and Mainline sights include the Viaduct, The Watermill and more!

Mainline/Tidmouth Route by: TEngine and Steamer,

Thanks to Skarloey123, Gwion and Sean for Buildings

Includes the Scrapyards with Trevors Orchard From Series 2

Also with Edward's Yard, Gordons Hill leading down to Maron Station!

Wellsworth/Gordon's Hill by TEngine, Steamer and Skarloey123

Thanks to Richard and Sean for Buildings

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea as you chuff along Duck's very own branchline!


The Little Western by:

Steamer. Thanks go to SixBlueWheels, TEngine and Train4755

Missing Station Building:


Includes a wonderful town at the end of the line!

Plus a Windmill and rocky mountatins!

Arlesdale End By:

Skarloey123, With help from TEngine and Steamer

Includes both standard and NG Lines and scary nosies!

Other Railway ScrapYards by:

Skarloey123, With help from TEngine, Sean and Steamer

Includes a wonderful designed Forest, Towns, Mountains and Hills and so much more, one you really will enjoy!

Sodor Countryside and Valley by:

Steamer, Thanks go to Amtrakey for use of his Henry's Forest



Skarloey Railway by:

Matt Cooper (Caledonian812); Edited by Richard (Skarloey123)


Skarloey Railway by:

Lewis Cox (Train4755); Edited by The SI3D Team


For an updated 09 version visit


A route based upon the Drayton Manor Layout!


SI3D Exhabition Route by:

Steamer, Thanks go to Sean for the original idea

You will need Depedences from these sites
Animated People: www.neoklai.ucoz.ru/load/2
 Trees, Shrubs and Track: 

Signals: www.trainzone.co.nz/signals.htm

Other KUIDS May be required from the

Auran Download Station and from UK Branch Lines 


2006 have now been discontinued.

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